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Top five wrestlers outside of the WWE at the moment



In the past to be considered to have had a decent career you would have needed to spend some time in WWE but now with the emergence of some  top tier Indy promotions you can be considered the greatest of all time without even stepping between the ropes of a WWE ring.  Today we will be looking at the top five wrestlers who are dominating the scene outside of WWE.


5. Joey Ryan




Joey Ryan is probably a wrestler you recognise. You won’t know him for being the best technical wrestler or the best high flyer but he is definitely the best at boobplexes and penis flips. Yes you heard me right this guy flips people with his penis and gives girls boobplexes and the coolest thing about this guy is he’s not even a registered sex offender. Check out the boobplex in full courtesy of the man himself.


4. Kazuchika Okada

His full name is Kazuchika Okada but most people know him as the rainmaker he is the current IWGP Heavyweight Champion, which is his 4 title run. Before moving to New Japan Pro Wrestling Okada had a short stint in TNA ironically the company decided they couldn’t see a “true character” with Okada. Once he moved back to Japan his career really took off Dave Meltzer has given him 5 five star matches along with 2 six star matches and a 6.25 star match.

Credit: NJPW



3. Jay Lethal

Jay lethal has been a pro wrestler for over half of his life yet never made it into the ranks of WWE .Lethal is one of the most talented and charismatic performers in the industry  he is definitely underrated and underutilised. Jay has been a Ring of Honor World Champion, as well as an ROH Pure Champion. He has also held the ROH TV Title twice. He has also spent some time in TNA having a lengthy feud with WWE hall of famer Ric Flair.


Credits: wikipedia

2. Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle is one of the most eccentric wrestlers today a great performer whose quirkiness results in great entertainment for the fans. Dalton castle hasn’t always had fans and it took him a while to turn people’s opinion of him into a positive one. However he is an interesting wrestler and would do well in WWE.

Credits: ROH

1.Young Bucks

Most people think the Young bucks have a huge ego. They are right however the young bucks have definitely  the right to flex their ego they are considered some of the best wrestlers in the industry today and even Dave Meltzer is a fan. they are a once in a life time tag team with a list of accolades to long to be listed. They have essentially revolutionised wrestling as we know it.

Credits: the young bucks




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