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Tom Brady or Bill Belichick? Who is really behind the success of the Patriots?



With the dust settling from a 41-33 Super Bowl loss to the Eagles, many fans in New England and across the country are scratching their heads because of several decisions from the Patriots sideline last night.  The main decision being the one made by Head coach Bill Belichick to bench starting cornerback Malcolm Butler.  While the full story on what happened is something that is still unclear, it is fair to say that Butler very well could have made at least a small difference in last nights game.  A game where Tom Brady threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns.  A game where the Patriots defense once again let us down in a big spot.  With that said I’d like to stir up the controversy and ask a question that many have pondered for 17 years.  Who is really behind the success of the Patriots?  Is it coach Belichick?  Or is it Tom Brady?

Coach Belichick has always said it a “players game” and while I regard him as the greatest coach in history, I would say that Tom Brady is by far the main reason this franchise has had the success it has had for almost two full decades.  I have a few reasons fro this and I will share them with you.  First, let’s just look at the offensive side of the ball.  Brady has played with 3 different offensive coordinators in his career in Bill O’Brien, Charlie Weis and Josh Mcdaniels.  Next year may very well be a fourth.  He has never missed a beat no matter who is calling the plays.  He’s also done more with less than any other quarterback in the games history.  It has also been Belichick who has let many of his weapons/lineman walk away in previous years, seemingly assuming Brady will just make up for the difference.

On the flip side, let’s talk about the defense.  That’s been the specialty of Belichick right?  Well, not so much.  The fact is there have been many years within the last 17 where this defense has been an utter laughing stock of the NFL.  The years 2005,2009 and 2011 stick out in my mind and the minds of many others I’m sure.  In 2011 the Patriots statistically had the worst defense in NFL history at the time.  Yet the Patriots were one quarter away from a Super Bowl win.  Throughout the years, coach Belichick has also made some incredibly strange moves on this side of the ball by letting go of many key players with the thinking that he can plug anyone in to do the job.  While it’s worked some of the time, there have been many times that it doesn’t.

I truly believe these two men are two of the best at what they do.  Among the greatest to ever play and coach the game.  However, I believe there have been missed opportunities for the Patriots in some years.  Mainly because of Belichicks arrogance that he can virtually win with anyone.  Brady has been here to cover up some of those mistakes and they have one enough where it becomes almost sacrilegious to ever question the man.  Well guess what, I just did.  I want to know what you think.  You might think I’m crazy and that’s totally fine.  Only problem is you can’t deny the fact that many of these things have happened and may continue to happen as long as these two are together.  Last night was just another example.




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