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There were 4 ways golfing on ice could’ve gone wrong, and they all happened



By Brittany Cheng

“Gravity is working against [this guy]” -John Mayer

A guy, a golf ball, and a golf club walked onto a frozen pond sounds like the foundation of a bad joke — but it becomes hilarious when bad luck strikes.

A video posted by Golf (@golfgrinders) on Dec 19, 2016 at 7:35am PST

There’s a setup shot at the beginning of the video, so your mind starts to wander. You think, hmm… what is this guy trying to accomplish the ice? Does he have any grass nearby he can play on, or is he in the arctic?

And then you realize, wait a sec, there are four ways this golf shot could go wrong.

  1. He could completely whiff on the ball.
  2. His club could punch a hole in the ice. (This is the most logical conclusion given the club is a metal object and the ice is, well, not known for its flexibility.)
  3. He could hit his own face with the club. (This is a legitimate and probable event, as I, too, have whacked myself in the face with a tennis racket.)
  4. He could slip and fall onto his butt because ice is reportedly a slippery surface.

But much to my delight, ALL FOUR THINGS HAPPENED. And the best part? I forgot that there’s this lovely thing called gravity, and he fell through the ice! Poor guy.

Luckily, his friend got this all on film and was hopefully there to help him out of the freezing water.




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