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Sami Callihan On What Led Him To Leave WWE, Watching Friends On Current WWE Shows, Why He Chose Lucha Underground



By Bill Pritchard

Former NXT Superstar Sami Callihan recently joined Sean Waltman on X-Pac 12360 this week; you can read some highlights below, and watch the full episode in the player above or download it on iTunes.

Sami Callihan comments on what went wrong with his NXT run:
I’m never going to bash WWE because that’s now how I am. But I always wanted to be in WWE, and one day I do believe I’ll be back there. All I ever wanted or needed was an opportunity, and I never got that opportunity. It’s one thing to be given the ball. It’s another thing to be given the ball and have some guys to block for you. I never had those blockers. You’re only going to go so far when there’s not a lot of direction, not a lot of, ‘OK, this is what’s needed, this is what’s wanted.’ I feel like if they would’ve just let the chains off me and were like, yo go be Sami Callihan, I’d be on Raw right now as one of the top guys.
Callihan comments on his success since leaving WWE:



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