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No, FIFA did not ruin the World Cup by expanding it to 48 teams



By Zito Madu

It’s expanded before. It will expand again. It’ll just be more inclusive this time.

FIFA has voted to expand the Word Cup to 48 teams in 2026. The proposal was one of the pivotal aspects of Gianni Infantino’s election campaign when he ran for Presidency last year, and true to his word, he has done what he promised. Including more countries is supposed to reinvigorate the tournament. The new format will be 16 groups, each of which contains three teams and comprises three games, with the top two teams at the end moving on to the knockout stage.

To say that there are concerns is to be minimalistic. People are angry. FIFA has apparently voted to ruin the tournament. The increase of teams will put too much burden on the players. It’s all been done for political benefits. Host nations won’t be able to accommodate the 16 additional teams.

The three-team group format is already a disaster, under the reasoning that it will allow for weaker teams to make it to the next round, as well as the insinuation that, because it’s only three games, the third and final games may end in suspicious draws, if it happens to Click for Full Story




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