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HIGHLIGHTS: Eagles defeat Patriots in Super Bowl 52 | Both Teams Shatter NFL Post Season Record



Eagles vs Patriots Super Bowl

The New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles shatter a post season NFL record with over 1000 total offensive yards combined.  Both teams proved why they made it to the Super Bowl but only one could walk away as Champion.  The Patriots started off to a slow start as The Eagles controlled the lead for most of the game. Nick Foles connected deep to Alshon Jeffery for the first touchdown of the game.

Things didn’t get better for New England after a botched snap ruined a potential field goal attempt.

The Eagles continued to hold onto the lead but the Patriots continued to battle. Both offensive units are putting on a clinic at this point but things take an unexpected turn for New England when their star wide receiver Brandin Cooks got knocked out of the game… Literally..

On the final drive before Halftime Nick Foles lead his team down to the goaline, and on a crucial 4th and goal attempt. The Eagles shocked the world with their trickery and Nick Foles caught himself a huge Touchdown Pass.

The second half consisted of the Patriots fighting their way back into the game and eventually taking the lead. Brady found himself connecting for two more touchdowns passes in the second half to put the Patriots up by 1 point.

The Eagles fought back and took a commanding 8 point lead after a Tom Brady fumble late in the game. The Patriots had under one minute left to attempt to score but things just didn’t work out this time! The Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33.



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