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Sorry folks, but Tom Brady is still the NFL’s best QB



I could start this whole thing by saying it gives me no pleasure to say that at 39 Tom Brady is still the best quarterback in football, but that would be a lie.  I’m a Patriots fans, so of course I love every second of this.  Now I know that after this is posted every anti Brady character will rush ever so quickly to defend the other top guns in this league and try to tell me the complete opposite, but I will do something right now that will make those sad cries fall on deaf ears.  I will compare the leagues top quarterbacks to the man we have seen the last two weeks.

Now I will take into consideration the fact that Tommy Boy is a little more rested than the others.  And extra 3 or 4 weeks worth of hits will take its toll on even the toughest of men.  Yet on the flip side you can also make the argument that 4 weeks removed from NFL game action is something that could hinder a player from returning in full stride right away.  But enough of the small talk.  Let’s get down to business.

So who is it exactly that everyone says is better than Tom?  Well for starters, for the last several seasons all of the talk has circulated around Aaron Rodgers and understandably so.  He is incredibly talented and is definitely right there in the conversation.  However we are talking, right here and right now, and a guy who is ranked 25th in the NFL in completion percentage is not someone who should be considered in the top 5 discussion.  Let alone the best in the league.  Sure that can change, but unless you have a crystal ball lets just keep this moving.

Other names have been thrown around like Russel Wilson and Drew Brees to name a few.  Right now, Drew Brees is the guy in my opinion who is right behind Brady if not running stride for stride.  He is another guy who is doing amazing things in his late 30’s and is doing so with less around him than others.  Russel Wilson has been a very good game manager for the first 6 weeks, especially battling through an injury, but to me he is not a man you are jumping at to take over Brady.  Would anyone even try to debate that?

Two other interesting guy are Matt Ryan in Atlanta and Philip Rivers in San Diego.  Ryan has already surpassed 2,000 passing yards and has 15 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions while Rivers has 12 touchdowns and 3 interceptions while throwing for just under 1,700 yards.  Both men are having tremendous seasons and could arguably be in MVP contention along with Brees when all is said and done if they keep playing at that pace.  You can definitely make the case that these guys are two of the best in the league as well.  But I ask this question.  What puts them ahead of Tom?

I wanted to keep this as short as possible.  This is just a little something to stir up the talk.  I mean, with the NFL ratings down someone has to do it right?  And yes I did this to piss a few people off.  But after looking at a bunch of deflategate memes for the last 2 years, most of you had this coming.  And let’s face it, this little article contains more facts than the 80 page wells report.  Does it not?  Depending on what team you’re a fan of, I hope you loved/hated reading this.  Vent your feelings below.  Until next time…






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