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DeMarcus Cousins asked his biggest critics if he should stay in Sacramento. One said no.



By Kristian Winfield

Cousins asked the Sacramento Bee columnist he confronted in December whether he wanted him to stay in Sacramento.

Following the Sacramento Kings’ 100-94 Tuesday win over the Detroit Pistons, a reporter asked DeMarcus Cousins whether he, indeed, wanted to stay in Sacramento, citing the possibility of signing a contract extension over the summer.

But Boogie, being the jokester he is, flipped the question on the scrum of reporters surrounding him.

“Yeah it looks like it,” he said while scratching his head. “Is this where I wanna be? Y’all want me to be here?”

Cousins then jokingly singled out Sacramento Bee columnists Ailene Voisin and Andy Furillo.

“Ailene? Hey Ailene, you want me to be here?” he asked, to which she responded “Didn’t you say you always wanted to be here?”

“I asked you, do you want me to be here,” he responded. After a brief exchange, she responded, “No comment.”

Cousins then moved on to Furillo, the Bee columnist whom the All-Star big man confronted in December.

“Andy, would you like me to remain here?” Cousins asked, taking a slightly more serious tone.

“For me, I would say no,” Furillo responded.

In early December, Cousins and Matt Barnes were involved in a fight Click for Full Story




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