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A-Rod and the Yankees mishandling of his retirement



Above is a video from the Doug Gottlieb show this morning on CBS Radio.  They are going over Joe Girardi’s quote from last nights press conference where he stated that his job “does not entail farewell tours” and that he is doing what is simply best for his team.  That statement would be totally fine if it was not a complete contradiction of you and your teams actions over the last several years.

It was only just a couple of years ago that the New York Yankees did a year long celebration to send off long time closer Mariano Rivera.  Not only did Rivera get a year long sendoff but Derek Jeter did as well.  These sendoffs were in seperate years and were more of a focal point in those seasons than the teams overall success.  Joe Girardi was the manager for both years.  To say his comments last night were a bit of a contradiction would be a vast understatement.

This all leads me to the whole point of this article.  The all mighty Yankees, who are regarded as arguably the greatest franchise in professional sports, have handled A-Rods retirement like a team who is in it’s infant stage of existence.  A-Rod despite his failed drug tests and misfortunes will go down as one of the greatest baseball players the sport has ever seen.  There is no debating that.  Take the steroid garbage out of it for a few moments, simply because he played in an era where the vast majority of the “greats” were all doing the same thing.  Look across the dugout of last nights game against the Red Sox, and you’ll see David Ortiz.  Ortiz failed a drug test in 2003.  For some reason that is not being brought up during his farewell tour this season.

Alex has 696 home runs in his career.  Four home runs shy of 700.  A club that only 3 men have ever entered in the history of the sport.  And for some reason A-Rod is walking away with 50 games left this season, before giving himself a chance to join Ruth, Aaron and Bonds?  Does that make any sense?  Is A-Rod walking away?  Or is he being pushed out the door.  Let’s not forget that the Yankees would owe him and additional six million dollars if he were to hit those four home runs.  To me it seems like the Yankees are being very petty here.

The whole handling of this throughout the past week has been incredibly strange.  From the weird press conference Sunday, to Girardi stating that A-Rod will play if A-Rod wants to play, to seeing him sit the bench the last two nights.  I know he pinch hit last night but one at bat as opposed to  start are two different things.

The Yankees should have just simply come forward and stated that they just don’t want the guy anymore.  What they are doing makes them look very foolish in several ways.  You rolled out the red carpet for a guy like Jeter and a guy like Rivera.  But A-Rod goes away like a virtual nobody?

I’ll be waiting for the backlash from several Yankees die hards who will claim he’s a cheater and a fraud, and I’m sure I will also hear the silly catchphrase that “he’s not a true Yankee.”  Well if that is the case than why don’t you return that 2009 World Series trophy because it was Rodriguez who put that team on his back in the playoffs and brought that title home for you.  Also while you’re at it, have Alex return those 2 MVP trophies he won while in the Bronx as well.  Don’t start with those phrases because you will look as dumb as your organization does at this point.

I’ll finish with this.  A-Rod was a cheater.  He admitted it.  He’s an odd individual.  He’s admitted it.  He has never backed down from one single thing in his career.  He is also one of the most talented and skilled professional baseball players that we have all ever seen.  Amidst all of the bad, there was plenty of good, and on his way out, shouldn’t that be what we’re talking about?  We’ve driven home the bad so much for the guy, that it might take years for us to sit back and realized that we were watching on of the all time greats.





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